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Do you believe everything you've been told about grief?

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  • Do you feel stuck, confused, numb, angry, alone, misunderstood in your grief?
  • Are you tired of putting on a brave face or feeling pressured by loved ones to move on or get over your loss?
  • Is your grief negatively impacting your relationships, career, future outlook and passion for life? 

You’re not alone.

You’re one of the millions of women and men who experience loss of all kinds every year and struggle with the impact it has on their hearts and lives.


If you've suffered a significant loss from:

  • the death of a loved one or important person
  • a relationship breakup or divorce
  • a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's or another form of dementia
  • health issues
  • or one of the more than 40 other types of loss

You might be overwhelmed with sadness, confusion, anger, guilt, or despair. You might have trouble concentrating, sleeping, or eating. You might feel numb, discouraged, depressed and completely alone.

Your loss might have occurred recently and many years ago. It doesn't matter.

What you're feeling is normal. 

It called grief. And it hurts. A lot.

Grief is the natural response to a significant emotional loss of any kind.

Our responses to grief are normal but nobody teaches us how to heal our pain.

We desperately want and need others to acknowledge our pain but they aren't sure how to help us.

Complicating our grief is all the unfinished business that we have with the person or situation that we lost.

The hopes, the dreams, the things that we wished we'd said, wished had been better or more, or things we did or didn't do that we wished had been different. 

This can keep us feeling stuck in our pain. 

But we need to cope so we freeze, or numb or bury our feelings, try to move on, hope that time will heal, and pretend to the world that we're OK when we're really suffering.

We feel incredibly alone. 

If this sounds like you, don't despair.

You CAN recover from your grief and move forward in your life without the pain that's holding you back. 

What would it be like for you to:

  • Have the weight on your heart lifted and be free from your pain?
  • Reconnect with yourself, your relationships, your work and your life?
  • Feel happy and hopeful about your future?
  • To feel alive and find meaning in life again?


Isn't it time to get your life back?

If you’re here, it’s probably because you've experienced a loss and you’re in pain.

Your friends and family may not be able to support you in your grief in the way that you need.

And maybe you hoped that time would heal your broken heart. But it hasn't.



  • Time alone doesn't heal.
  • There aren't any predictable grieving stages to go through.
  • Grief is messy and all over the place.
  • It makes your heart ache and drains your life of joy and energy. 

There's hope!


The Grief Recovery Method® One-on-One Program is a proven 8 week grief recovery program that provides you with the tools, guidance, and support you need to recover from your loss in a safe, non-judgmental way. 

Developed and refined over 30 years by The Grief Recovery Institute®, this action based program supports you in healing unfinished business from your loss so that you can recover from your grief and pain and re-engage in your life in a more meaningful way.


Are you ready to take the first step towards healing your pain?

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Nicole Keefler, PPCC

There are times in our life when we need a helping hand.

Someone who can help guide us through our difficulties and hold a vision of success and healing for us when we can’t quite see it for ourselves.

A professional who can provide us with the tools that we need to get unstuck and helps us move through our pain so we can re- engage in our lives and with the people that we love.

I'd love to be that person for you. 

As a Montreal based Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, Certified Life Coach and CDC Divorce Coach®, I  offer the 8 week Grief Recovery Method® One-on-One and Group Programs in person to clients in Montreal, Canada.

I also offer Coaching to clients who need support in strengthening or rebuilding areas of their lives after loss. whether from death, divorce, reproductive loss or any other loss. 

It's an honor to offer grief support to my clients and be part of their healing journeys and I'd love to be part of yours.

Please call me to set up a free 30 minute consultation over the phone, skype or in my office.

We can talk about your grief and loss and see how the Grief Recovery Method® or coaching with me could be a good fit for you.

Remember, you're not alone and you CAN recover from your loss and start to feel alive and happy again... or for the first time.

Your life is waiting for you.        

Call for a FREE 30 minute consultation with me

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