Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® Certified CDC Divorce Coach®

Are you struggling with grief? Do you feel isolated and in pain? Do you feel disengaged from your life and loved ones? Do you just want the heartache to go away? 

If you've lost someone you love, gone through a divorce, lost a beloved pet, become unemployed, experienced a pregnancy loss or any one of the more the 40 types of losses, you're not alone. 

There's support for your grief and hope for recovery from your loss. 

I’m Nicole.

I’m a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, Certified CDC Divorce Coach®, Personal and Professional Certified Coach and writer.

Like you, I’ve experienced losses. A lot of them.

And they were agonizing.

Because I wasn't able to deal with my losses when they occurred, they got buried inside me. But I accumulated so many losses over the years that I was eventually forced to deal with my pain through grief recovery work so that I could function in my life and move through the pain that I was stuck in. 

My parent’s divorce and the sudden tragic death of my best friend at age 12 set me up emotionally to go numb when I experienced loss because I didn't have the support that I needed to help me through my grief.  A couple of traumatic relationship break-ups, several miscarriages, the death of my sister and then brother-in-law and a midlife divorce became too much for me to bear on my own and I really needed support. It's the Grief Recovery Method® that gave me hope that I could actually heal the pain that I was in and somehow find meaning in my life when I felt so completely lost. 

Through healing the pain of my losses, I rediscovered joy, passion, ease, playfulness and fun in my life!

It wasn't easy but I knew it was possible to recover from grief and I wanted to help others to understand how they can heal their grief too. I wanted to give them the tools that they need to recover from their losses so they could free up their heavy hearts and begin to focus on hope, resilience, and start to feel alive again.

As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, I work with men and women who have experienced losses of all kinds. I support them through the Grief Recovery Method® programs from a place of deep compassion and non-judgment.

My clients have  experienced agonizing grief because of divorce, death of a loved one, miscarriage, bankruptcy, job loss and many other losses. Some of their losses are recent, others very old. But they are suffering and with the Grief Recovery Program, I provide them with the tools they need to recover from their losses so they can begin to focus on hope and resilience. As they regain an emotional sense of well- being they can re- engage in their lives in a more meaningful way.

Many of my clients continue to work with me as a Certified CDC Divorce Coach® and Life Coach to support them through rebuilding parts of their lives after loss.  Some of them work on their relationships, new directions in life, dating after divorce. Some of them just want the additional support that coaching provides them to help them achieve their new goals in life. 

When I’m not working with clients, I mentor students in the Professional and Personal Life Coach program at Concordia University here in Montreal, to help ensure that they can coach at the level required by the International Coach Federation.

I love my work and it's such an honor to accompany my clients on their journeys to healing their grieving hearts. To hold the space for them to feel safe, share and heal is a privilege. 

I understand the incredible value of another person witnessing our pain and not turning away from it. I know how healing it is to have someone really listen to our stories of loss. Yet, when they also give us tools to take action to heal our grief, we really can move forward so we don't stay stuck in our pain.  

Sometimes we need support to get us there so don't be afraid to reach out.

Your grief doesn't have to be a solo journey.


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Sometimes we need support

If you’d like, we can talk about the possibility of working together so that I can support you in moving through your grief or rebuilding your life after loss.      


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